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Aminian Ali

Amazing effects of weight loss on COVID-19 infection

It has been medically established that weight loss reduces the serious impact of COVID-19 infection. Obesity has been identified as a key risk factor for
Symptoms of Monkeypox Disease by WHO

WHO: Monkeypox Has Likely Spread Unnoticed ‘For Some Time’

Hundreds more monkeypox cases have arisen outside of the African nations where the disease is typically found, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)
Malnutrition awarenesss

Malnutrition: Surprising facts to keep you healthy

Malnutrition is defined as an inadequate or excessive nutritional intake, an unbalanced intake of vital nutrients, or poor absorption of nutrients.
African Star Apple "Alasa"

8 benefits of African Star Apple (Alasa) for healthy lifestyle

The African star apple (Alasa), scientifically referred to as Chrysophyllum albidum, is a Nigerian and Ghanaian native fruit. It's a unique fruit that's been
Biodegradable gel to heal damage caused by Heart Attack

How Biodegradable Gel heals damage caused by heart attack

To heal the damage caused by heart attack, a groundbreaking biodegradable gel has been developed. The material, which may be injected...

How To Tell If It’s A Normal Cold, Flu, Or COVID-19

"Without a test, I would say it's pretty difficult to tell right now," Combs added. "We only have to treat cold-like symptoms in the same bucket" as Covid-19.
health benefits of fast walking

Fast walking: An amazing path to quality health

Can fast walking be of any health benefits? Keep reading this article to find out more on its potential health benefits. A recent study found that daily brief
Tiger nut

5 benefits of Tiger nut for healthy lifestyle

Tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) is abundantly grown throughout Africa, and they have excellent nutritional value. It can be consumed fresh, semi-dried,
Cooked Black rice

7 Health Benefits of Black Rice: The Elixir of Youthfulness

The term "forbidden rice" refers to black rice. According to studies, black rice is a super-food for the twenty-first century. The health benefits of black rice
Banana health benefit

7 health benefits of banana – Delicious and healthy

Banana is a delicious and easy source of a number of essential nutrients. This tropical fruit has been cultivated since ancient times

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