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Health benefits of dancing

How dancing can have positive impacts on your health

Dancing can not only make you happy, but it can also help you enhance your physical and mental health. Furthermore, dance is an activity that everyone enjoys
Pig heart transplant dies after surviving several weeks after his pig heart transplant surgery

How a man who had a Pig Heart Transplant died after few months

Doctors at the University of Maryland, where the experimental procedure was carried out, came to the conclusion that the man who had the pig heart transplant

Benefits of making Standing a daily practice

The more upright a person can stand, the higher the load bearing via the feet and hence the larger the impact of the health benefits of standing
health benefits of fast walking

Fast walking: An amazing path to quality health

Can fast walking be of any health benefits? Keep reading this article to find out more on its potential health benefits. A recent study found that daily brief
slices of Cucumber - cucumber benefits and side effects

7 remarkable Cucumber benefits and side effects

After learning about these most remarkable cucumber benefits and side effects, you'll probably learn everything else you needed to know.
Cooked Black rice

7 Health Benefits of Black Rice: The Elixir of Youthfulness

The term "forbidden rice" refers to black rice. According to studies, black rice is a super-food for the twenty-first century. The health benefits of black rice
Biodegradable gel to heal damage caused by Heart Attack

How Biodegradable Gel heals damage caused by heart attack

To heal the damage caused by heart attack, a groundbreaking biodegradable gel has been developed. The material, which may be injected...
Antioxidant foods

Antioxidant foods your body needs to stay healthy & youthful

Before we look at some of the best antioxidant foods, it would be quite helpful to know something about antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that
Cocaine use problems

Cocaine use — Why you must quit early to save your health

The long-term effects of cocaine use make it not worth a try. The leaves of the South American native coca plant are used to make cocaine, a highly
benefits of breakfast

4 amazing benefits of breakfast — The most important meal

Think of breakfast as "breaking a fast," because literally it is. The time between your final pre-bed meal and waking up is frequently the longest length of

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