Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Xi Jinping visits Mocow, says ‘convinced’ Russians support Putin

At their meeting in the Kremlin, Xi Jinping said he is "convinced" that Putin has the support of the Russian people ahead of the next presidential election.
Putin visits Mariupol

Putin made a surprise trip to Mariupol, first visit to war-torn area of Ukraine

The Kremlin has reported that President Vladimir Putin made a surprise trip to Mariupol. This marks his first visit to the Russian-occupied areas of
Putin in Crimea

Putin paid a visit to Crimea on its 9th annexation anniversary

On Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the peninsula's annexation from Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Crimea, Russian state
Chinese president Xi Jinping

China’s Xi Jinping to visit Moscow from Monday to Wednesday

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to visit Moscow from Monday to Wednesday next week in an apparent show of support for his Russian counterpart Vladimir
MiG-29 fighter jets

Poland to send MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in coming days

In the coming days, Poland will send Ukraine four MiG-29 fighter jets, the president announced on Thursday. "Firstly, literally within the next few days,
Pope Francis

More than just Russia’s interests at play in Ukraine war — Pope Francis says

Pope Francis said in a statement released on Friday that more than just Russia's interests are at play in the conflict in Ukraine. 
Transnistria, Moldova

Ukrainian plot on leader’s life foiled — Moldova separatists say

In Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, pro-Moscow separatists said they have thwarted an assassination attempt on their leader's life that they
Russian oil tycoon airplane

US gov’t issues warrant for airplane owned by Russian oil tycoon

US issues Warrant for airplane owned by a Russian but US-made over violations of sanction. In accordance with a declaration made public on
Russian missiles attacks on Ukraine

Russian missiles strike Ukrainian cities, Kyiv included

The capital city of Kyiv, the Black Sea port of Odesa, and the northeastern city of Kharkiv have all been hit by a barrage of Russian missiles, according to
Russian Nord Stream

Pro-Ukrainian group responsible for Nord stream blast — NYT report

The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines last year was likely carried out by a pro-Ukrainian group of Ukrainian or Russian nationals, according to new