Russia shot down dozens of drones near border: Ministry

Ukraine drones wound children in Russia

Falling drone fragments injured a young girl after Russian forces downed the weapons fired from Ukraine, Moscow’s Defence Ministry has said.

The governor of Russia’s Voronezh region, where some of the drones fell, released images of a blackened residential building, where the girl was hurt by the drone fragments.

She “suffered cut wounds to her arm, leg and neck”, the governor, Alexander Gusev, said in a statement.

Moscow has accused Ukrainian forces of ramping up fatal artillery and drone attacks on Russia’s border regions, some of which have announced voluntary evacuations over the strikes.

Russia declares state of emergency in Voronezh

We previously reported that a young girl was injured from falling fragments of one of the drones. Russian officials say that a six-year-old boy was also injured in the attack.

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Yelena Fedyainova, whose boy was injured in one of the attacks, said the drones first struck at about 2:30am (23:30 GMT on Monday) and blew out the window of her apartment.

“The was a blow and a flash,” Fedyainova told reporters. “I grabbed the child – there were shards everywhere and smoke.”

A girl about 10 years old was injured in the same attack, officials said.

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