International Talents @Unibo: Scholarship for 2024/25

The University of Bologna (Unibo) is providing 80 new scholarships to deserving international students who intend to enroll in first-, second- and single-cycle degree programmes in a.y. 2024/25.

This scholarship programme is open to international applicants who want to enroll in a First Cycle, Second Cycle or Single Cycle Degree Programmes at the university.

  • Category: Course
  • Amount/value: €4,500
  • Location: Italy
  • Application deadline: 19 April 2024


  • Eligible Countries: All nationalities
  • Eligible Course or Subjects: The grant will be awarded for the First Cycle, Second Cycle or Single Cycle  Degree Programmes at the university.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the grant, the applicants must have to follow the following given requirements:
  • You can apply for International Talents @Unibo if you meet the following requirements:
    • qualification: you have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, a qualification belonging to a non-Italian education system, valid for access to your chosen programme. Students with Italian high school qualifications obtained in  Italian schools abroad may also apply;
    • merit: you will have taken one of the following international tests by the deadline for application:
      – if you want to enroll in first- or single-cycle degree programmes, the  SAT test
      – if you want to enroll in second-cycle degree programmes, the  GRE test SAT and GRE are aptitude and skills assessment tests that can be taken in affiliated centres in various countries around the world or online (if offered by the organisation in charge). You must register for the tests through the websites of the organisations in charge.
      SAT and GRE tests are held in English.


Scholarships are worth €4,500 gross and include full exemption of tuition fees  at the University of Bologna for the academic year 2024-2025.


  • How to Apply: In order to apply for the grant, aspirants can navigate the  online portal.
  • Supporting Documents: Candidates must submit a copy of the following required documents along with the application, i.e., an ID card, a passport photo in JPG format, a CV, and academic records.
  • Admission Requirements: Scholars holding an offer letter for their degree with unique curricular criteria and must meet the  requirements of eligibility at the university.
  • Language Requirement: If Italian is not your first language, you will need to show that your  Italian language skills are high enough to succeed in your studies.

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