Amazing benefits of Lantana Camara (Ananse dokono)

lantana camara

Short note

Lantana camara (Ananse dokono) is well known for its ability to heal a broad range of diseases and is used in a variety of traditional medicinal preparations.

Scientists and researchers from all over the world have meticulously looked into the chemical makeup of the entire plant of L. camara as well as its biological and pharmacological activity in past few decades.

Lantana Camara medicinal uses

lantana camara medicinal uses are still of great interest amongst scientists.

1. May help treat diabetes

Lantana Camara has shown potency in reducing blood glucose, this effect can help with diabetes control in humans. Oral administration of the methanol extract of L. camara (400 mg/kg body weight) leaves resulted in decrease in blood glucose level to 121.94 mg/dl in alloxan induced diabetic rats.

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2. Combats cancerous cells

Sarcoma, lymphoma, carcinoma, and leukemia are just a few of the tumor types that these plants are still used to treat.

Using the 2-5 diphenyltetrazolium bromide cell viability tests, a crude extract of Lantana Camara leaves exhibited a cytotoxic impact on HeLa cells at 36 hours to 72 hours.

The findings demonstrated that cancer cells might be killed by increasing the extract treatment’s concentration or duration.

3. Protects the kidney

In an in vivo study, Lantana camara extract treatment decreased the extent of lipid peroxidation in the kidneys of urolithic rats.

4. Antioxidant properties

In a study, Lantana camara leaves extracts exhibited high antioxidant effect, however younger leaves exhibited strong antioxidant activity than the older or matured leaves.

5. Combats gastric ulcers

The oral administration of Lantana camara’s methanolic extract in pyrolic ligated rats reduced the incidence of ethanol- and cysteamine-induced duodenal and stomach ulcers, respectively.

In all animals, the extract had dose-dependent antiulcerogenic efficacy.

Traditional applications of Lantana camara

Infusion of the whole plant is used to treat bronchitis in Ghana, and children are given the powdered root in milk to treat stomachaches and as a vermifuge.

In South-western Uganda, the plant’s leaves are chewed with rock salt and the extract is swallowed, or they are crushed raw or baked, mixed with rock salt, and the extract is taken orally for cough relief.

Asthma, eczema, tumors, high blood pressure, bilious fevers, catarrhal infections, tetanus, rheumatism, malaria, and atoxy of abdominal viscera are all said to be treated with lantana preparations in traditional medicine.

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