Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Lincoln’s Africa Scholarship

Lincoln’s Africa Scholarship for students across Africa

The University of Lincoln’s Africa Scholarship is designed to help students from across Africa to access postgraduate level study at the University of Lincoln.
IMSOGLO Consortium Scholarship

IMSOGLO Consortium Scholarship (Erasmus+ Programme Countries)

IMSOGLO Consortium Scholarship is available only to Erasmus+ Programme Countries. The IMSOGLO Student Selection Group, with representatives of all partner
Pinsky Law scholarship

Pinsky Law New Venture Development Scholarship

Pinsky Law supports, and provides its services to, entrepreneurs and startup companies. This is the reason they developed and maintain the legal
Spreadsheet Gladiator Scholarship

Spreadsheets Gladiator Scholarship for users worldwide

Spreadsheets Gladiator Scholarship: Today, over 2 billion users worldwide leverage spreadsheets in day-to-day tasks, many of those users using
National Merit Scholarships

National Merit Scholarships by Brigham Young University

National Merit Scholarships are sponsored by three different entities. Scholarships are sponsored by National Merit, a corporation, or by a university.
Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship

The Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship in USA

The Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship, developed by the past presidents of SHAPE America to honor deserving students, is awarded to three
Denise Halbach Performance Scholarship

Denise Halbach Performance Scholarship in USA

The Denise Halbach Performance Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a graduate degree in acting or musical theatre performance.
Public Health Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship for Public Health Studies in USA

Presidential Scholarship: The Julia Jones Matthews School of Population and Public Health seeks to recruit and retain MPH students, to serve as Public Health
TTUHSC School of Nursing

TTUHSC School of Nursing scholarships 2023

TTUHSC School of Nursing is committed to helping meet the healthcare needs of local and global communities by offering Nursing Scholarships
Graduate Bursary in Nursing

2023 Anita Robertson Graduate Bursary in Nursing

Anita Robertson Graduate Bursary in Nursing: This bursary will be made to 2 graduate students at Brock University studying Nursing who demonstrate