7 health benefits of banana – Delicious and healthy

Banana health benefit

Short Note

Banana is a delicious and easy source of a number of essential nutrients. This tropical fruit has been cultivated since ancient times, and its health benefits have been lauded for more than a century.

The curved yellow fruit is connected with a wide range of health benefits.

According to Laura Flores, a dietitian in San Diego, bananas are abundant in potassium and pectin, a form of fiber. They can also be a rich source of magnesium, as well as vitamins C and B6.

Cavendish bananas are the most widely grown banana type.

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Banana health benefits

Health Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory, and Protects Against Diabetes

According to Laura Flores, a Dietitian in San Diego, “Bananas are known to reduce swelling or inflammation, protect against developing Type 2 diabetes, aid in weight loss, strengthen the nervous system and help with production of white blood cells, all due to the high level of vitamin B6 that bananas contain.”

2. Great Skin Condition

“Bananas are high in antioxidants, which can provide protection from free radicals, which we come into contact with every day, from the sunlight to the lotion you put on your skin,” according to Flores, A Dietitian in San Diego. 

3. Alleviation of Cancer

According to research, lectin, a protein found in bananas, may aid in the prevention of leukemia cell growth. Lectin has antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants aid the body in the removal of chemicals known as free radicals. Cell damage can occur if too many free radicals accumulate, potentially leading to cancer.

Researchers discovered in 2004 that youngsters who ate bananas, orange juice, or both appeared to have a decreased chance of acquiring leukemia.

The authors of the study speculated that this might be related to the vitamin C concentration, which has antioxidant qualities as well.

4. Low Risk of Heart Problems

Bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants like vitamin C. All of these things are beneficial to one’s heart health.

According to a study published in 2017, those who eat a high fiber diet have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease than those who eat a low fiber diet.

Furthermore, those that ingested more fiber had lower levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

5. Overcoming Depression

Banana can aid in the treatment of depression. Flores attributes this to “high quantities of tryptophan in banana, which the body converts to serotonin, the mood-elevating brain chemical.”

According to MedlinePlus, tryptophan is an important amino acid that the body utilizes to help make serotonin and melatonin — a substance that helps regulate sleep.

Furthermore, vitamin B6 can help you sleep better, and magnesium can help you relax your muscles – both minerals are loaded in banana.

6. Digestive Health

Banana has proven to be beneficial to the digestive system.

The yellow fruit contains prebiotics. These are carbohydrates that you don’t digest, but they serve as a food source for the more well-known probiotics — these are the beneficial bacteria present in your digestive tract.

There is also evidence that probiotics can assist with the bothersome diarrhea that some individuals experience after taking antibiotics.

7. Controls HIV and Cancer

Bananas are a promising source for various medical applications. Banana lectins can inhibit the activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, reduce the growth of cancer cells, and stimulate the activities of macrophage.

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