Friday, February 23, 2024

US Still Has Choices With Regard To Russia Sanctions: CNBC

A comprehensive trade embargo and barring Russia's access to international waterways are two options the US might pursue in response to Moscow's invasion
Vladimir Putin

Putin Says Western Sanctions Placed On Russia Have Backfired

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has stated that the Western sanctions placed on Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine have backfired.
Russian forces in luhansk

Russian Forces Takes Full Control of Eastern Ukraine Region

After taking the last Ukrainian stronghold of Lysychansk, Russia announced on Sunday that its forces and their allies had gained control of the eastern Ukraine
US flag

U.S. announces $457.5 million in civilian aid to Ukraine

The United States announced $457.5 million in civilian aid to Ukraine. The United States will give $457.5 million in new civilian security aid to Ukraine,
Pope speaks on Ukraine conflict

End this ‘senseless’ conflict in Ukraine — Pope says

In his customary Christmas letter, Pope Francis called for an end to the "senseless" conflict in Ukraine as well as other conflicts, and he also condemned
Naftali Bennett

Putin pledged not to kill Zelenskyy — Former Israeli PM says

Naftali Bennett, a former Israeli prime minister, says Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged not to kill Zelenskyy. In the early stages of Russia's
armed Ukrainian soldiers

Russia says it repelled ‘massive’ drone attack on Crimea by Ukrainian forces

Russia’s defense ministry says its forces have intercepted what it described as a “massive” drone attack on Crimea by Ukrainian troops and that there
Ukraine war drills

Germany urges China to put pressure on Moscow to end Ukraine war

No other country has "more influence on Russia," according to the German foreign minister, who has encouraged Beijing to put pressure on Moscow to
Wagner group in Belarus camp

Wagner Group’s presence in Belarus draws NATO’s attention

In Belarus, where some of the Wagner Group's mercenaries have been stationed since a short-lived mutiny in Russia in June, NATO allies who are
Sergey Lavrov blasts US

The US ‘is pursuing a war against us’: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed the US is controlling the war in Ukraine according to the news agency TASS, which cites an excerpt from

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