Friday, June 9, 2023
delivering weapons to Kyiv

Stop delivering weapons to Kyiv, start peace talks — China says

China's envoy for Eurasian affairs said that Ukraine's allies should stop delivering weapons to Kyiv and start dialogue to achieve a lasting peace.
Zelenskyy with south Korea official

Zelenskyy urges South Korea to provide defence systems

In an interview with a South Korean newspaper, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy allegedly Ukraine "desperately hopes" that South Korea will offer
US senator Lindsey Graham on Russia's wanted list

US Senator on Russia’s ‘wanted list’ following harsh remarks

According to Russian media reports using the interior ministry's database, Russia has put US Senator Lindsey Graham on its wanted list.
Lindsey Graham, best money we’ve spent

‘Russians are dying, best money we’ve spent’: US senator

During a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky on Friday (26 May), US Senator Lindsey Graham characterised "Russians dying" as "the best money"
Embattled Bakhmut

Ukraine vows to retake Bakhmut from Russian troops

The Wagner Group of Russia claims to have occupied Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine this week, but the Ukrainian government says it wants to retake the
trade and sports cooperation

Russia, China signs agreements on trade and sports

As officials from the two countries signed a series of agreements on trade and sports collaboration, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said
Kyiv drone strike Moscow Putin palace

Moscow accuses Kyiv of assassination attempt on Putin

The most serious charge Moscow has levied on Kyiv since the start of its attack on its neighbour is that Kyiv attempted a nighttime drone strike on the
polish farmers protest Ukraine food imports

Poland bans Ukrainian food imports as excess cripples Polish farmers income

In an effort to quell the growing outrage of Polish farmers, who claim they are losing a tons of money as a result of an oversupply of Ukrainian grain on
Ukraine war drills

Germany urges China to put pressure on Moscow to end Ukraine war

No other country has "more influence on Russia," according to the German foreign minister, who has encouraged Beijing to put pressure on Moscow to
Wagner group in Bakhmut, newstuck

Wagner Group gains more ground in Ukraine’s Bakhmut

In the 58th week of the conflict, Russian soldiers led by mercenaries from the Wagner Group took control of Bakhmut's eastern city centre.

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