Ukraine may cancel visa-free programme with Israel

Israel Ukraine visa-free programme

Ukraine is considering cancelling its visa-free programme with Israel and will request the country be excluded from the so-called Ramstein meetings due to its “unfriendly actions towards Ukraine and pro-Russian position on the international arena”, Kyiv Post has reported, citing sources in Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (RNBO).

The Ramstein meetings involve an alliance of 54 countries, including all 30 NATO members and 24 additional countries that coordinate continuing donations of military aid to Ukraine.

The Kyiv Post’s RNBO source said that Ukraine believes there is a “real danger” that information discussed with Israel at the Ramstein meetings “will probably fall into the possession of the aggressor state”.

“The Israeli authorities never provided any real help,” the source is quoted as saying. “Instead, the information received during the meetings is used by Israel in its own interests.”

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