Trainee Nurses & Midwives Protest Calls To Cancel allowances

Ghana Nurse Protest
Midwives and rotational nurses protest government's plan to review allowances, October 2019. [screengrab/CNR]

The government has been urged not to cancel the allowances for trainee nurses & midwives by the Ghana Nurse and Midwife Trainees’ Association.

“If even the country is in hardship, will the government refuse to pay workers? Of course not,” the Association’s general secretary, Blessing Ampofo, told Citi News.

Ms. Ampofo said, “When we vacate, and we go home, we go on our clinical assistantships, and it is this same money that we use for transportation.”

The criticism came in response to requests from civil society organizations for the government to abolish the nurses allowance system as part of its response to deal with the present economic crisis.

The possibility that the government could abandon some policies in order to save money has also been raised by Ghana’s decision to return to the International Monetary Fund.

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In contrast, Ms. Ampofo urged the government to concentrate on paying all allowances and arrears owing to the trainee nurses and midwives.

Despite guarantees from the government, she claimed it had been 10 months since some nurses got their allowances.

She said, “We also have students who have never received their allowances. The government is owing them 20 months and more.”