GH Police Gathers Intelligence To Boost University Security

GH Police Gather Intelligence

Officers from the Police Mounted Squadron, together with several Police Divisional and District Commanders, conducted policing to some universities in Accra as part of attempts to increase police visibility, gather intelligence, engage communities, and bring the police to the public’s doorstep.

The officers spent a week touring the University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, and Valley View University campuses.

The police spoke with the campus community and listened to their security concerns during their visit.

The team also discussed the police service and the importance of collaborating with the communities we serve.

The officers also answered questions about basic policing issues and gathered information about security situations on various campuses.

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Following the visit, the Police Service began putting some of the intelligence gathered during the exercise into practice, as well as developing strategies to improve university security.

“This exercise will be extended to other universities across the country.

“We are grateful to the academic staff, the student body, and all other members of the university community for their cooperation during our interactions with them.

“We wish to assure the public that we will continue to sustain this and other operational interventions and also work in partnership with you for safer and more secure communities,” the Police stated.