Hobor Police Arrests 2 For Being In Possession Of Human Head

Man in handcuffs

Two people are being held by the Hobor Police in the Ga South Municipality for possessing a human head after their car was involved in an accident.

Residents who noticed the freshly severed head in the taxi cab with the license plate GW 5532-21 stopped the suspects and subsequently turned them over to police after the car got into an accident.

Daniel Migah, an eyewitness to the event, reported seeing the taxi cab with the license plate GW 5532-12 speeding.

He claims that as the driver attempted to use the brakes, the car somersaulted, and the two were detained after the human head was discovered in their hands.

“I saw the taxi on top speed but somersaulted in an attempt to apply the brakes. The community members rushed to the vehicle to help rescue the persons, but I realised that one of them just after being rescued bolted, and the other also did same but were later arrested. We realised that there was a human head in the vehicle, the reason they bolted,” Daniel Migah said.

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According to Citi News sources, one of the suspects engaged in the crime is a taxi driver who recruited his partner, who is also a taxi driver, to help him carry out the crime in exchange for a lucrative reward.

He also persuaded him that human sacrifice was another way to get money and that he also required the head to sacrifice for a chieftaincy position.

The two hired a taxi driver, killed him later at a sand-winning location on the outskirts of the Hobor municipality, and then got into a car accident while they were fleeing with the head.

The community residents are scared after the event, according to Peter Adonu, Assemblyman for the locality.

“The Chief and People of Hobor want government to increase security in the area, since what happened to the taxi driver can happen to anyone. This will also help drive away bad persons in the community,” Peter Adonu said.