PNC comes to Sarah Adwoa Safo’s aid as she faces the Privileges Committee

Sarah Adwoa Safo

Sarah Adwoa Safo, a member of parliament representing Dome Kwabenya, has been called before the Privileges Committee for being absent, and the People’s National Convention (PNC) has pleaded with Parliament to be lenient.

The PNC insisted in a letter to the Speaker of Parliament that despite the criticism Adwoa is receiving, “she deserves our support and sympathy.”

She has never before disrespected her party or the Ghanaian Parliament, the party further stated.

“It is therefore strange that she has absented herself this long, but the reason is obvious, as she stated in one of her engagements with the media; childbirth and its related complications.”

In order to cope with her, the PNC asked “government to exercise patience when dealing with her.”

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It said, “We request that Parliament and its Privileges Committee should kindly cooperate with her to be able to schedule an appropriate time to meet her.”

Adwoa Safo was given a Zoom link to attend proceedings on July 6 but failed to show up before the Privileges Committee.

She hasn’t gone to Ghana in months and is presently in the United States.

Additionally, the PNC urged Parliament to enact a legislation allowing all companies in Ghana to designate a space for lactating mothers.

“Depending on the nature of the institution, a nurse, a nursing assistant or a public health nurse should be posted there to offer assistance to these mothers. This will not only help nursing mothers to have peace of mind to concentrate on their work, but it will also increase productivity and create employment for nurses.”