Stop delivering weapons to Kyiv, start peace talks: China says

delivering weapons to Kyiv

China’s envoy for Eurasian affairs said that Ukraine’s allies should stop delivering weapons to Kyiv and start dialogue to achieve a lasting peace.

Li Hui’s request comes as the United States and numerous European countries increase shipments of missiles, tanks, and other weaponry to Ukrainian forces attempting to reclaim land seized by Russia.

“If we really want to stop the war, save lives and achieve peace, we should stop sending weapons to the battlefield,” Li told reporters in Beijing on Friday.

“The painful lessons of how the Ukraine crisis developed to its current state merit deep reflection by all parties.”

Li said there are currently “many difficulties” in sitting down and engaging in talks to end the war. He added that those fighting the war are “not without points of consensus”.

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“The two sides have not fully shut the door on peace talks,” Li insisted.

In an effort to advance peace negotiations with Ukraine, the Chinese envoy visited several capital cities in Europe last month.

Li finished a 12-day trip to Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Kyiv, and other cities in May, which China claimed was an effort to discover points of agreement for an eventual political settlement.

“The risk of escalation of the Russia-Ukraine war is still high,” Li said, adding that all sides must take concrete measures to “cool down the situation” and ensure the safety of nuclear facilities.

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