Countries must stop ‘fueling the fire’ in Ukraine conflict — China says

Qin Gang
Qin Gang, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China

China described some countries undiplomatic involvement in the Ukraine conflict as form of “fueling the fire”. 

China is “deeply worried” that the Ukraine conflict could spiral out of control, China’s foreign minister Qin Gang said on Tuesday, and called on certain countries to stop “fueling the fire”.

Beijing, which last year struck a “no limits” partnership with Moscow, has refrained from condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The United States has warned of consequences if China provides military support to Russia, which Beijing says it is not doing.

“We urge certain countries to immediately stop fuelling the fire,” Qin said during a speech, referring to the Ukraine conflict and in comments that appeared to be directed at the United States.

“We stand firmly against any form of hegemony, against any foreign interference in China’s affairs,” he said.

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Also on Tuesday, China released a paper on the Global Security Initiative (GSI), President Xi Jinping’s flagship security proposal which aims to uphold the principle of “indivisible security”, a concept endorsed by Russia.