Western Australia: Global Excellence Scholarships

University of Western Australia Scholarship

Global Excellence Scholarships are available from the University of Western Australia to high-achieving students all around the world.

This substantial scholarship will be given to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students from specified countries who apply to certain programmes at the University.

Category: Bachelor, Master

Amount/value: From AUD$5,000 to AUD$12,000 per year

Application Deadline: 31 December, 2022

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To be eligible to be considered for the scholarship, a candidate must be applying for an eligible postgraduate degree (by coursework). The following exclusions apply:

• Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Neuropsychology

• Graduate Certificate in Fieldwork Practice

• Juris Doctor

• Master of Pharmacy

• Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

• Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology

• Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology

• Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Psychology

• Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology

• Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis

• Graduate Certificate in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

• Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

• Master of Clinical Audiology

• Doctor of Podiatric Surgery

• Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

• Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

• Doctor of Medicine

• Doctor of Dental Medicine

• Doctor of Optometry

• Master of Social Work

• UWA Micro-credentials


If you’re looking to study in Australia, undergraduate students can receive scholarships of up to AUD$48,000 over 4 years on eligible courses or AUD$36,000 over 3 years; postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$24,000 over two years on eligible courses.

The Scholarship is an annual tuition fee discount for the normal full-time duration of the awardee’s course as specified in their letter of offer.

The value of the Scholarship is determined by the applicant’s equivalent Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or UWA weighted average mark (WAM).

This significant scholarship will be awarded to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students, from selected countries, who apply for particular courses at the University.


There are several pathways from which students may enter UWA.

However, some students are unable to enter the University directly after completing high school in their home countries.

These students are encouraged to take a pre-university course known as a ‘foundation’ program.

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