Ukraine uses more ammunition than NATO’s production capacity — NATO chief says

Soldiers Fighting in the Russia-Ukraine War

Worries arise as Ukraine uses more ammunition than the rate at which NATO allies can supply.

The chief of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Monday that NATO has “to ramp up production” of ammunition because Ukraine’s pace of consumption is far beyond current capacities, and draining allied stockpiles.

Stoltenberg said, “The war in Ukraine is consuming an enormous amount of munitions, and depleting allied stockpiles.”

“The current rate of Ukraine’s ammunition expenditure is many times higher than our current rate of production. This puts our defense industries under strain.”

Given that the existing wait periods for large-calibre ammunition have increased from 12 to 28 months, Stoltenberg acknowledged that NATO was facing a “problem.”

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However, he argued that the actions done thus far showed NATO countries were “on the path that will enable us both to continue to support Ukraine, but also to replenish our own stocks.”

Aircraft supply to Ukraine

The subject of aircraft is scheduled to be considered during the forthcoming two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers beginning on Tuesday, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday.

“There is now a discussion going on also on the question of aircrafts and I expect that also to be addressed tomorrow at the meeting in Brussels,” he said, adding that supplying aircrafts to Ukraine whereas the country under attack by Russia needs urgent support on the ground.

Additionally, Stoltenberg emphasized that NATO countries’ provision of fighter jets to Ukraine will not entangle NATO in the conflict.