Russia’s Kelin says West responsible for the misery in Ukraine

Andrey Kelin
Andrey Kelin, Russia's ambassador to the United Kingdom

Andrey Kelin, Russia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom has accused the West for the misery in Ukraine.

The Russian ambassador, added that long-range weapons posed a threat to Russians and residents of pro-Russian regions of Ukraine, necessitating a deeper push by Russian forces into the country to defend civilians from the wider variety of Western weapons, particularly those promised by London.

“We have to move this line further, deeper into Ukraine just to avoid further threats to the territory of Russia and to the territory of Donbas,” the ambassador told Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker in an interview in London.

“So, in this way, Western countries, they are destroying Ukraine itself,” the ambassador said.

According to the ambassador, Russia would not face “a serious threat” from the UK’s long-range weapons, which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had earlier in February said would be provided, along with training for Ukrainian jet fighter pilots.

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“I don’t believe that it will be a serious threat to us,” Kelin said.

“Only the United Kingdom is saying directly that it is going to provide a long-range weapon for the Ukrainian army and we are certain that this long-range weapon will be used against civilian targets,” he said.