Indian Nationals In Kyiv Are Advised To Leave ‘Immediately’ Today

Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In light of the growing security situation, the Indian embassy in Ukraine has urged its citizens to leave Kyiv ‘immediately today.’

Operation Ganga was initiated by the Union government to return stranded students and Indian nationals back to India from the conflict-torn Ukraine.

“All Indian nationals in Kyiv, including students, are instructed to leave Kyiv immediately today.” The Indian embassy in Ukraine tweeted, “Preferably by available trains or by any other means available.”

According to Arindam Bagchi, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), “some 8,000 Indian people have departed since the country’s initial recommendations were published. Satellite photographs show a large convoy of Russian military vehicles snaking along highways northwest of Kyiv, prompting this warning.”

The photograph produced by a US-based satellite technology company shows hundreds of tanks, towed artillery, armored, and logistics vehicles.

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According to the MEA, the Indian government would deploy four Union Ministers as special envoys to Ukraine’s neighboring nations.

He further stated that under Operation Ganga, six evacuation flights had arrived in India, bringing nearly 1400 people back.

Four of the flights departed from Bucharest (Romania), while the other two departed from Budapest (Hungary).