Ghana Has Voiced Worry Over The Rising Humanitarian Tragedy In Ukraine – UN

Carolyn Oppong Ntiri
Carolyn Oppong-Ntiri, Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations

Following the incursion by Russian soldiers last Thursday, Ghana has voiced worry over the rising humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine.

Ghana raised concern over indiscriminate assaults in densely populated civilian regions in Ukraine during a UN Security Council meeting on the conflict on Monday, February 28.

As a result, the West African country demanded an abrupt halt to warfare.

“Ghana calls for an immediate and unconditional cessation of hostilities that have resulted in the current humanitarian crisis and urges the parties to refrain from further attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in accordance with humanitarian laws,”


Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations Carolyn Oppong-Ntiri said in a statement on behalf of the country.

“We urgently urge all parties to provide humanitarian organizations with unrestricted access and to ensure their safety and protection.”

As Russia’s soldiers push into Kyiv on Day 6, the crisis in Ukraine is worsening by the day.

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Numerous immigrants, as well as some residents, have been trapped and stuck at the borders as a result of the warfare.

The government has also encouraged Ukraine’s neighbors to “let the free movement of people fleeing the conflict, without discrimination, and give humanitarian aid, including medical treatment, in accordance with the principles of humanism, neutrality, and impartiality.”

On Wednesday, February 23, Ghana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Harold Adlai Agyeman remarked, “The crisis has ramifications not just for Ukraine and its near neighbors, but also for all our nations.”

Ghana voiced support with Ukraine at the penultimate UNSC meeting before Russia surrounded Ukraine last week.

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