IGP Dampare: Crime response time will be reduced to 10mins

Ghana Police men

Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, Inspector-General of Police, says the Police Service is trying to cut robbery response time across the country to 10 minutes.

According to him, the initiative would be bolstered in the following days by the deployment of nearly 2000 officers and motorbikes across the country’s roadways.

The IGP emphasized the commitment of the service to uphold its duty of protecting people’s lives and property in the country while speaking at a public lecture on policing at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

“We want to reduce robbery and crime response time to 10 minutes across the country, we believe this is possible and it will be done. When was the last time you heard of robberies on the major highways in the country, the Police have men patrolling all those places.

“We are going to deploy about 2000 motorbikes and officers to be patrolling all highways in the country,” Dampare said.

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In order to improve discipline within the service, according to Dr. Akuffo Dampare, all officers now have their names permanently embroidered into their uniforms for the benefit of the general public.


The IGP also disclosed that the Police Service has increased its intelligence activities by allocating sufficient financial and human resources to the sector.

“We have our intelligence officers all over the place, in the Ubers, shops and all over the communities. It’s very expensive but we need to get the job done.”