E-levy Passed By The Majority In Parliament

Majority leader (left) and Minority (right)

The Electronic Transfer Levy Bill (E-Levy) for the year 2021 has been approved by Parliament.

The Majority Members of Parliament voted in favor of the law, which imposes a 1.5 percent tax on all electronic and mobile money transactions. The approval came following a walkout by 137 Minority MPs from the chamber.

The walkout occurred after the House had finished debating the measure and the Speaker was about to call a vote on the motion to accept the Finance Committee’s report.

Haruna Iddrisu, the Minority Leader, fought against the bill’s consideration before its passing, claiming that no other country in the world has a 1.5 percent tax on e-transactions. He said that it will deter the development of a cashless society and put ordinary Ghanaians in financial difficulties.

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“Because we do not support the E-Levy, the Minority group, led by me, after listening to the Majority Leader, will not be part of any further proceedings on the E-Levy.”

“We do not support the E-Levy and so count us out of it; they can proceed with whatever they want.”