‘Double down’ on support for Ukraine — UK’s Sunak urges world leaders

Rishi Sunak, UK prime minister

Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, urged international leaders to “double down” on their support for Ukraine on Saturday, arguing that more weapons and security guarantees are required to shield the country from Russian aggression both now and in the future.

Sunak asked other countries to follow Britain’s recent decision to supply combat tanks, upgraded air defense systems, and longer-range missiles to Ukraine before Russia begins its anticipated spring offensive.

“Now is the moment to double down on our military support,” Sunak said in a speech to the Munich Security Conference. “When Putin started this war, he gambled that our resolve would falter. Even now he is betting we will lose our nerve.”

Sunak also called on NATO to provide long-term security guarantees for Ukraine. Such commitments are necessary to shield Ukraine from future Russian aggression and to protect the system of international rules that have helped keep peace since the end of World War II, Sunak said.

“It’s about the security and sovereignty of every nation. … Because Russia’s invasion, its abhorrent war crimes and irresponsible nuclear rhetoric are symptomatic of a broader threat to everything we believe in.”

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