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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez amazing follow-up album for “This Is Me”

Jennifer Lopez, who released her debut album "This Is Me... Then" twenty years ago, said on Friday that her follow-up "This Is Me... Now" will be released
Helena Carter and Rye Dag Holmboe age difference

Helena Carter jokes about 21-year age gap with boyfriend

Helena Carter, 56, and Rye Dag Holmboe, an art historian, met in 2018 at a wedding. Rye Dag Holmboe and Helena Bonham Carter have admitted to making
Fearne Cotton gallery

Fearne Cotton says in her 30’s she ‘was too quick to reach for help’

Fearne Cotton has spoken candidly on the need of emotional independence, admitting that in her thirties, she "was too quick to reach for help." 
Using cellphones at a gasoline pump

Is it dangerous to use a cellphone while filling gas?

It was formerly believed that sparks from a cellphone might ignite gasoline vapor, however even a brief analysis of that theory reveals it to be nonsense.
Gasoline pump stations

Can you fill up with gasoline while the car’s engine is running?

Do you want to know if you can fill your car with gasoline while it's on? if yes, keep reading. When you start the engine, the big electric starter motor
Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer: Everything you need to know about this condition

Breast cancer develops when the cells in your breast grow and divide uncontrollably, resulting in a lump of tissue known as a tumor. Nearly 1 in 8 women
Lance Reddick

Popular actor Lance Reddick dies of natural cause at age 60

Actor Lance Reddick, who portrayed tough Baltimore police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in the popular television series "The Wire," has passed away at age
Cocaine market booms worldwide

Cocaine market booms as meth trafficking spreads: UN Report

The world's supply and demand for cocaine are both increasing. Methamphetamine trafficking, according to a United Nations study, is expanding
Exercise benefits - woman running in a race

Exercise benefits that will shock you

Being physically active on a regular basis is crucial to good health. "Physical activity" is not synonymous with "exercise." Exercise is a subcategory of
Prayer against wicked and unreasonable men

Aggressive Prayer Against Overly Wicked and Unreasonable Men

If you speak in tongues, pray in the spirit for about a minute or more after each prayer... And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men

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