Jennifer Lopez amazing follow-up album for “This Is Me”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who released her debut album “This Is Me… Then” twenty years ago, said on Friday that her follow-up “This Is Me… Now” will be released next year.

The 53-year-old released a short clip on social media in which she recreated the 2002 album cover of herself wearing a pink top and hat before changing into her present elder self while saying, “This is me then… this is me now.” In the last few days, the singer has deleted posts from her Instagram before the video clip.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The relationship Jennifer Lopez had at the time with actor Ben Affleck served as the inspiration for the 2002 album, which included the popular singles “Jenny from the Block” and “All I Have.” The pair, known as “Bennifer,” became engaged but decided not to be married in 2003. A few months later, they broke up.

They fell in love again the last year, and they got married in the summer.

The 13 song titles from the upcoming album, including “Dear Ben pt. ll,” were listed by Lopez in her Instagram post.

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