Best lip plumper for amazing pillowy pout

Best Lip Plumper

If you are looking for best lip plumper, then you are at the right place.

It may seem as though lip fillers procedure have become popular if social media platforms trends leave any indications. However, if you want a plumper pout, you don’t have to use needle procedures: a fast application of a lip plumper may help fake the fuller look.

The popularity of lip augmentation has increased since the “has she or hasn’t she?” days of discussing whether Kylie Jenner used lip filler to produce her infamous pout. In fact, it has evolved so much that we can all easily purchase it on the main street now instead of only seeing celebrities get it.

It comes as no surprise that there are several lip plumpers available now that the desire for pouty, fuller-looking lips is here to stay. You may choose from a variety of lip-plumping serums, balms, oils, lipsticks, and glosses, all of which are available in various forms and finishes.

How a lip plumper works

One of two methods is used by a lip plumper. The majority are temporary lip enhancers that briefly stimulate blood flow and inflate the lips by using mild irritants or inflammatory compounds like peppermint, capsicum pepper, or cinnamon.

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The second variety of lip plumper functions more as a supplement to your skincare routine. It uses hyaluronic acid or collagen-producing peptides to increase moisture, smooth lines, and fill the lips over time.

Naturally, it’s important to manage expectations. Even the top lip plumper on the market cannot replicate the look of a lip-filler procedure. However, they can add mild volume and shape. For those seeking a more all-natural, non-committal solution without discomfort or a high price tag, they are a fantastic alternative.

Best lip plumper that works

  1. Best for on a budget – Essence what the fake! Plumping lip filler with cinnamon oil: £2.99,
  2. Best for high shine – Morphe make it big plumping lip gloss: £12,
  3. Best for long-wear – Fenty Beauty gloss bomb heat lip luminizer and plumper: £20,
  4. Best colour range – Mac powerglass plumping lip gloss: £20,
  5. Best for a Nineties brown lip – Too Faced maximum plump lip injection in chocolate plump: £25,
  6. Best overall – Dior addict lip maximizer: £24,
  7. Best for maximum tingling sensation – Huda Beauty silk balm spicy thermos plumping lip balm: £21,
  8. Best lip care and make-up all-in-one – Indeed Laboratories hyaluronic + tinted lip treatment: £11.99,
  9. Best for hydration – Bobbi Brown extra plump lip serum: £29,
  10. Best for shimmer – Kylie Cosmetics lip plumping gloss: £16,

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