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BYD Electric Vehicle maker

BYD to launch new premium electric car brand in 2023

BYD, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in China, said on Tuesday that it will introduce Yangwang, a new luxury brand, with an off-road vehicle as
RS Emotion motorhome

RS Emotion Motorhome: A Vehicle that Redefines Luxury

RS Emotion motorhome is the most powerful model in the line, based on an 18-tonne Mercedes-Benz Antos chassis that responds to your particular requirements
2006 Toyota Corolla XRS

2006 Corolla XRS — Best Toyota Corolla of all time

The best Toyota Corolla ever made is the 2006 Corolla XRS, Toyota produced and sold about 7,000 quantities of the corolla XRS before putting a hold on
Tesla Model Y

Tesla recalls 321,000 vehicles in US over tail light defects

Tesla recalls 321,000 vehicles in U.S. over defects. Tesla is recalling over 321,000 vehicles in the United States because tail lights may fail to flash
McLouis Fusion 367_Exterior

McLouis Fusion 367 Motorhome: Powerful, Luxurious and Comfy

A little under 7 meters in length, the McLouis Fusion 367 motorhome features a powerful Fiat 140bhp Euro 6D diesel engine
2023 Subaru Solterra SUV EV

2023 Subaru Solterra: The First Subaru All-Electric SUV

2023 Subaru Solterra is Subaru's first zero-emission SUV, named after two Latin words: Sol (Sun) and Terra (Earth). The Subaru Solterra (EV) is based on
BYD Automaker

BYD expected to be China’s top-selling car brand for Nov

Brokerage data revealed that BYD outsold Volkswagen over the first four weeks of November, a turnaround that underlines the pressure on legacy
Hymer B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790

Elegant HYMER B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790 motorhome

The exterior of the HYMER B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790 motorhome sets the tone from the start, with the beautiful HYMER design and integrated 3D
2023 Toyota Tundra SX Package

2023 Toyota Tundra Features an Elegant New SX Package

The 2023 Toyota Tundra enters the new model year with a new SX Package that provides a refreshed look without a hefty price tag. The 2023 Tundra
Mercedes-Benz company in Japan

Mercedes-Benz launches its first EV-only showroom in Japan

The first Mercedes-Benz showroom in the whole world devoted to its all-electric Mercedes-EQ brand debuted on Tuesday in Yokohama, south of the Japanese capital

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