2023 BMW XM: Everything Else You Need To Know

BMW Concept XM

Short Note

The 2023 BMW XM concept, as bizarre as it may appear, is considerably closer to production than you would imagine. More than 90% of the style from the showcar will be carried over to the final version, which is scheduled to go into production at the end of 2022, implying that it will be available in 2023.

To envisage the road-going performance SUV, independent artist SRK Designs has produced a slightly watered-down rendition of the daringly conceived concept automobile.

BMW Concept XM embraces a whole new design language that might set the tone for future BMW X vehicles, which are their SUV series.

Also with inevitable transition to electric vehicles looming, BMW has made a stealth move by making the new XM a plug-in hybrid, allowing the XM to become the most powerful M vehicle ever created.

Likely Specs

Subtle adjustments, such as the inclusion of conventional door handles while increasing the appearance of the primary lower headlights, have resulted in a less divisive design.

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The luminous contour of the grille has vanished, replaced with the characteristic blue accents of an electric Bimmer from the ‘I’ series.

The XM is a new flagship crossover that shares the same wheelbase as the X7.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, the XM is a specialized BMW M vehicle, the first since the M1 debuted more than four decades ago.

The XM will most likely provide the same Level-3 autonomous driving system as the future 7-Series. The technology, which was created in collaboration with Intel’s self-driving subsidiary Mobileye, will allow for longer periods of hands-free driving under particular conditions than Tesla’s Autopilot.

While BMW has not revealed the battery size, the CLAR-based XM will have an all-electric range of 50 miles (80 kilometers), allowing for near-silent running.

Power will be sent to all four wheels via dynamic M drive modes, allowing it to handle pavement as well as off-road tracks.