Lucid Air: stunning design and great performance

Lucid Air

Introducing Lucid Air

Lucid Air is the world’s longest-range, fastest-charging premium electric automobile. It’s unlike any automobile you’ve ever seen, with amazing horsepower and an unequaled range of up to 520 miles per charge. All of this is housed in a California-inspired, stunningly efficient design.

Briefed features & specs of Lucid Air

Luicid air

Max power: 1,111hp

Official EPA range up to: 520mi

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Approximate minutes to charge 300 miles: 20

Seconds 0-60 mph: 2.5

Perfect design

lucid air

Cool exterior design

Lucid Air isn’t only beautiful; it’s also one of the world’s most aerodynamic automobiles, with a drag coefficient of 0.21.

They strove for clean lines in every aspect to produce a remarkably flowing form, inspired by the graceful design of airplanes.

Furthermore, functional components such as autonomous driving sensors were smoothly integrated.

Interior: mansion is a better word

Notwithstanding the Air’s mid-size look, the inside is surprisingly roomy, with proportions similar to those of a full-size sedan.

It’s not just spacious, but it’s also loaded with high-end amenities like optional massage chairs.

Also with innovative engine components, which have been downsized to allow for more stretching, make this feasible.

Great delivery on performance

lucid air

The unseen co-pilot

DreamDrive is an electric vehicle’s most comprehensive advanced driving assistance system (ADAS).

It has up to 32 sensors, including the latest camera, radar, and ultrasonic technologies, as well as a high-resolution LIDAR that measures distance from objects using laser beams.

As a result, it operates in practically in any weather and includes driver monitoring to help you stay aware.

Very fast: from zero to sixty in less time than it takes to count to three.

Expect the unexpected; Lucid Air is unstoppable.

It can accelerate from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, achieve a quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, and has a proven track record for power, literally, with a choice of single or twin motors and max horsepower of up to 1,111.

Miniaturized motor with monstrous power

By thinking small, we reimagined the motor. It’s really little.

The world’s most powerful electric motor for its size and weight is Lucid Air’s incredibly small electric motor, which generates up to 670 horsepower while weighing just 163 lbs.

It’s so slim that it can fit in an aircraft carry-on.

This is made possible by improved silicon carbide MOSFETs in the inverter, which help to increase range by reducing energy loss.

lucid air motor

Accident prevention

The Micro Lens Array headlights give unrivaled visibility, assisting you in spotting possible issues.

There’s a lot of technology watching out for you in Lucid Air.

The best-case situation is to avoid accidents altogether.

That’s why the battery pack was deliberately placed to optimize handling and also why DreamDrive uses multi-modal streams of information to make split-second judgments.

Lucid air air-bag

Reliable connectivity

lucid air connectivity
lucid air connectivity

It is so sophisticated that it appears entirely natural

The digital ecosystem built inside each Lucid Air is intended to be simple.

It’s really simple to use and integrates flawlessly with your own devices.

The entire experience will help and thrill you, from things like the UI’s sharp, clean design to facial recognition and Alexa voice-enabled instructions, to tactile aspects like buttons and displays.

Lucid air interior

A warm welcome at all times

As you near the vehicle, it identifies your key and welcomes you with a welcome sequence that unlocks the doors, switches on the lighting, and extends a handle.

Additionally, when you’ve settled in, face recognition adjusts some settings to your unique preferences, so you’re ready to go.

An experience-driven car

You can interact with Lucid Air in a number of ways throughout your journey. You can get deep integration of in-car controls with Alexa Built-in simply by speaking.

Alexa can assist you in configuring your seat heaters, lighting, sunshades, navigation, and other features.

Peace of mind is provided by DreamDrive driver assistance.

The Surreal Sound™, a 21-speaker immersive audio system available in Lucid elevates the entertainment experience.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a slew of other apps are also supported by the Air.

Glass Cockpit

Lucid air glass-cockpit

Welcome to command central

The Glass Cockpit is a 34-inch 5K floating screen that stretches around the driver and curves like a jet cockpit.

With vehicle controls on the left, driving details in the center, and navigation and media on the right, it places important information in your line of sight.

In addition, a retractable Pilot Panel with deeper-level controls is located in the center console.

Immersive surreal Sound™

Lucid air interior

Lucid Air’s immersive audio system, Surreal Sound™, is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It includes 21 speakers that are carefully positioned to create concert-quality, directed sound.

Lucid Air is the world’s first automobile to include Dolby Atmos technology, even functionality like seatbelt reminders sound incredible.

Smooth software updates

Lucid air software update

Easy software upgrade and updates


Lucid air Charging port

It’s the quickest EV charging system available, with 900V+ design capable of reaching up to 300 miles of charge in just 20 minutes.

It’s compatible with practically every public charging station, in addition to its speed.

The Lucid Air’s built-in Wunderbox is a statistical monster of a battery charger.

Lucid air charge

With Electrify America worry no more about charging stations

In addition to Air’s incredible range, you can take advantage of our relationship with Electrify America, the nation’s largest network of ultrafast public charging stations.

They already have over 600 stations and 2,400 charges around the United States, with hundreds more planned by the end of the year.