WhatsApp launches Communities for a better group management

WhatsApp messenger launches communities

The WhatsApp messaging platform owned by Meta Platforms said on Thursday that it is rolling out Communities, a tool that allows users to organize various chat groups into larger structures, as well as other features like larger group video calls and in-chat polls.

The Communities feature, which might be used by companies or schools, will bring different chat groups under larger awnings where administrators can send alerts to a community of thousands.

According to a company statement, the app will now let chat groups to have up to 1,024 members, a significant increase over the 256 participant limit it had previously.

Telegram and Discord, two WhatsApp competitors, allow thousands of users to participate in group chats.

Other new features include in-chat polls, a frequent feature on social media platforms like Meta’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as 32-person video calling.

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