US approves sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

F-16 fighter jet for Ukraine - USA

The United States has approved sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine from Denmark and the Netherlands as soon as pilot training is completed, a US official said on Thursday.

Ukraine has long sought the US-made F-16 fighter jets to help it counter Russian air superiority.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said: “It remains critical that Ukraine is able to defend itself against ongoing Russian aggression and violation of its sovereignty.”

US President Joe Biden endorsed training programs for Ukrainian pilots on F-16s in May. In addition to training in Denmark, a training centre was to be set up in Romania.

More than half of Germans are against delivering Taurus missiles to Ukraine, a new poll revealed on Friday.

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The poll by public broadcaster ARD found 52 percent of the Germans surveyed oppose supplying cruise missiles to Ukraine as they can be used to attack targets in Russia.

Some 36 percent spoke in favour of delivering the Taurus missiles, which are jointly produced by Germany and Sweden, and have a range of more than 500km (310 miles).

Despite growing pressure from Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been cautious so far about delivering Taurus missiles, fearing that this could make Germany a party to the conflict with Russia.

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