Nigeria: Explosion In Kano Claims Lives of Nine

Kano on the Map

According to the national emergency agency and witnesses, nine people were killed after a gas cylinder explosion caused a building in a famous market in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano to fall.

The event occurred on Tuesday in Kano’s Sabon Gari neighborhood, which is primarily populated by migrants.

A gas cylinder exploded in a welding business, killing nine persons, according to Mustapha Habib Ahmed, chairman of the National Emergency Management Agency.

During a search and rescue effort, first responders recovered bodies from the wreckage.

Parents hurried to pick up their children from a neighboring school after hearing about the explosion, according to witnesses.

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Schoolchildren were not injured.

Kano is the capital of the eponymous Nigerian state in the country’s northwest area, and has been known for centuries as a center for Islamic scholarship and a commercial hub in trans-Saharan commerce.