NABCO trainees receive 1 of 10 months’ worth of stipend

nabco trainees

One of the 10 months’ worth of arrears that the government owes the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) trainees have been paid.

Dennis Opoku Katakyie, President of the NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG), confirmed this.

The NABTAG President in a statement said “NABCO trainees are hereby informed that stipends payment for November 2021, as one month’s settlement of the ten months arrears, has been processed. In actuality, nine months, counting from December 2021 through to August 2022, are still outstanding.

Although one month’s payment is merely a fraction of the overall sum owed to the NABCO trainees, they were appreciative to the government for taking a step “in ameliorating the unfortunate situation” in which they find themselves.

More specifically, they pleaded with the Ministry of Finance to “affix trainees’ outstanding arrears into its subsequent allocations to enable the Secretariat to effect payment for the remaining months.”

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In order to guarantee that trainees receive their full stipends for the remaining months, NABTAG issued a warning, stating that it will take every practical measure.

“If after a considerable period of time, arrears for the remaining months are not fully paid, the leadership will recruit another draconian measure to forcibly ensure that we are paid. We have done it before, so we can do it again.”