21 foreigners believed to be illegals arrested at Ejisu

Ghana Police at the resident of illegal migrants

In a five-bedroom residence in Akokoamong in the Ejisu municipality of the Ashanti region, 21 foreigners who are believed to be illegal immigrants have been arrested.

On September 22, 2022, the suspects were caught up by residents and turned over to the police.

Some residents claim that the suspected illegal immigrants have lived in the building for the past three months.

“Every week you will see a car come here in the evening and drop off some of them. None of us know what exactly is happening in house but you will always see them making calls for hours in the evening. Out of curiosity, I entered the house one day and asked them what their mission here is, but they claimed they’re learning because the place is a school” Mohammed Ali Alpha, a resident told 3news.

“Our suspicion is that they have been defrauding people because nothing here shows this place is a school and they can’t tell us the job they’re doing. We have informed residents that, they should report anyone or anything suspicious”, assemblyman for Akokoamong electoral area, Daniel Owusu said.

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A crowd had gathered in front of the home to watch the police operation. Amongst the items seized from them were laptops and desktop computers.