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BYD Electric Vehicle maker

BYD to launch new premium electric car brand in 2023

BYD, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in China, said on Tuesday that it will introduce Yangwang, a new luxury brand, with an off-road vehicle as
Tesla cybertruck to be in production by 2023

Tesla to start the mass production of Cybertruck in 2023

Tesla intends to begin mass production of Cybertruck at the end of 2023, two years later than the original target for the eagerly anticipated pickup
2024 bugatti mistral - back view

Bugatti Mistral: $5 million W16 engine supercar

A celebration of one of the most ambitious engines ever created for an automobile, the new Bugatti Mistral is a wild-looking open-top vehicle.
BYD Tan EV 1

BYD Tan EV 2022 — A whole new level of Electric Vehicle

The BYD TAN EV, with 86.4 kWh, raises the bar for electric car performance and safety. In just 30 minutes, 110 kW direct current can recharge the
Hymer B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790

Elegant HYMER B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790 motorhome

The exterior of the HYMER B-Class MasterLine BML-I 790 motorhome sets the tone from the start, with the beautiful HYMER design and integrated 3D
McLouis Fusion 367_Exterior

McLouis Fusion 367 Motorhome: Powerful, Luxurious and Comfy

A little under 7 meters in length, the McLouis Fusion 367 motorhome features a powerful Fiat 140bhp Euro 6D diesel engine
Tesla Model X plaid_Exterior Design 2

Tesla Model X plaid: Fast, Powerful and Luxurious

Tesla Model X plaid is an electric car from the ground up, with a high-strength construction and floor-mounted battery pack for great occupant safety
Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO Edition Exterior

Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition: Built with Sports in Mind

The Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition is a trim level geared at capturing customers' attention with an unbridled energy and a driving style that stimulates
BMW i4 Exterior Design

2022 BMW i4: Powerful and Luxurious Electric Vehicle (EV)

The BMW i4 exudes a memorable impression, thanks to the classic BMW design elements that are combined with modern innovations, such as the available Icon
BMW X5 Exterior Design 1

BMW X5 SUV: Everything Else You Need To Know

BMW X5 gets you where you need to go with advanced engineering and eye-catching design. In its very look, the 2022 BMW X5 exudes confidence.

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