BYD Tan EV 2022 — A whole new level of Electric Vehicle

BYD Tan EV 1

Short Note

The BYD TAN EV, with 86.4 kWh, raises the bar for electric car performance and safety. In just 30 minutes, 110 kW direct current can recharge the BYD TAN EV from 30% to 80%. The blade battery belonging to BYD Tan has been in use for eight years.

In Brazil, the BYD Tan is the first electric SUV.



Behind the front seats, it has 1,655 liters of cargo capacity. The back seats may be folded down and are split into two 60/40-seat configurations for added versatility, allowing you to transport all of your equipment on your excursion while still providing enough room for passengers.

A sensory experience should be part of driving. The inside of BYD Tan has ambient lighting in 31 different colors.

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12 speakers and the DIRAC Live function® of the renowned Swedish company DIRAC are part of a cutting-edge audio system that produces clean, genuine sound – a genuine home theater encounter.

BYD Tan EV interior


With automated switching between front-wheel drive (FWD) for greater energy economy and All-wheel drive (AWD) for improved traction, THE BYD Real-Time Electric All-Wheel Drive (AWD) delivers improved energy efficiency and grip.

Enjoy the ride and let the automobile take care of the rest.

Enhanced Security

Drivers and passengers who choose to travel in a BYD Tan would appreciate being completely at ease and immersed in the experience.

The BYD Tan has the most cutting-edge driver assistance technology, featuring 25 cutting-edge safety features such a 360-degree HD surround camera, adaptive autopilot, DiPilot system, 11 external radars, and ADAS system.

Your journey should be enjoyable, pleasant, and most importantly, super safe.

BYD Tan EV exterior

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 7 seats
  • Combined power: 517 hp
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 4.6 s
  • Top speed: 186 km/h*
  • Combined Range (PBEV): 437 km
  • Trunk volume: 235/940/1655 L
  • Tires/Wheels: 265/40 R22

BYD Tan EV gallery

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