Aisha Huang faces a two-year jail term — Immigration

Aisha Huang

Popular Chinese galamsey businesswoman Aisha Huang may spend two years in prison for entering Ghana illegally again, according to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

On Tuesday, September 6, Media General’s Joseph Armstrong spoke with Michael Amoako-Atta, the Service’s public relations officer, who said that if it is determined that she violated immigration laws, she will spend that much time in jail.

“If she is convicted on immigration rules, she may go in for about two years,” DSI Amoako-Atta stated.

“That is what the law says.”

Aisha Huang, after her deportation to her home country China in 2018, is said to have gone for a visa from neighbouring Togo and re-entered Ghana under a different name.

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“Currently, we are now building the case because her mode of entry is one that we all want to clarify,” he said.

“Then what she got herself engaged in will have to be looked into and then we can build a proper case against her.”

DSI Amoako-Atta pointed out that it was officers of the Ghana Immigration Service who intercepted her at the borders.

She was, then, handed over to the National Security, he said.


He disputed allegations that the Service failed in doing due diligence, leading to her illegal re-entry to continue her galamsey activities.

“We have a mixed bag of operational strategies in place, so we don’t depend on just our officers at the point of entry.

“Looking at the terrain and looking at the nature of our job, you can’t say you are at the borders and that is all. That’s why I have enumerated all the other strategies that we have. . .the community engagement with border residents and also internally conducting intelligence, that is what led to her arrest. So immigration is not sleeping on the job.”