Ghana Significantly Eases Its COVID-19 Policies


According to President of Ghana, Akufo-Addo, Ghana’s land and marine borders would be open as of today. Without a negative PCR test result from the place of origin, fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed entry through the borders.

Ghana has reached a key juncture in its fight against COVID-19, according to the President, and the government had conducted a full evaluation of the mechanisms in place to combat the epidemic.

All in-person activities, such as those held in churches, mosques, conferences, seminars, private parties and events, cinemas and theatres, might continue at full capacity if the audience and/or participants were fully vaccinated, according to him.

Outdoor gatherings including sporting events, political rallies, and funerals, according to the President, could resume at full capacity if all attendees were completely vaccinated.

President Akufo-Addo also stated that beginning today, March 28, fully vaccinated visitors to Ghana would no longer be required to take PCR tests in their home countries in order to enter the country through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and will not be tested upon arrival.

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He remarked, “I will urge the media to support this campaign.”

The president added, “citizens and foreign residents in Ghana, who are not fully vaccinated, will, however, need to provide a negative PCR test result of not more than 48 hours, undergo an antigen test on arrival at the KIA and be offered vaccination there.”

Earlier, he said, the government had to take steps to prevent the virus’s entry into the country, especially since the virus’s first cases were brought in by the KIA.


According to him, the KIA only admitted fully vaccinated travelers into the nation who had a 72-hour negative PCR test result before to departure and a negative antigen test result upon arrival.

Furthermore, he added, the GHS granted unvaccinated Ghanaians and foreign residents waivers to allow them to enter the nation through the KIA.

Prior to departure, they received a 72-hour negative PCR test result, were given an antigen test, and were offered immunization.

Ghana’s foreign missions, according to President Akufo-Addo, have been told to make vaccination a prerequisite for obtaining visas.

He further stated that, Frontier Healthcare Services Limited’s self-funded construction of the COVID-19 testing infrastructure at the KIA was critical to the country’s capacity to successfully limit the virus’s entry into Ghana via the airport.

Moreover, “it has been one of the reasons Ghana was not at the receiving end of several of the travel bans imposed by the West at the height of the pandemic, for which many African countries were affected,” according to President Akufo-Addo.