Aisha Huang applied for a new Ghana Card under the name Ruixia Huang — NIA

Aisha Huangs Ghana Card

Aisha Huang, a known Chinese galamsey kingpin who was living in Ghana illegally, obtained a national identity card for reasons that have been clarified by the National Identification Authority (NIA).

The Authority stated that as long back as February 26, 2014, she had renewed a card she had registered for at Nhyiaeso, Kumasi.

According to the NIA, she registered under the Foreigner Identification Management System (FIMS).

En Huang, as she is known in the NIA’s system, visited a registration center in Tamale in August to obtain a new card, according to a statement released by its acting head of corporate affairs, Abudu-Abdul Ganiyu, on Tuesday, September 6.

Ruixia Huang, with the birthdate of November 7, 1975, and the passport number EJ5891162, was the name she wanted to use for the registration.

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“The registration, however, went into a technical state known as ‘RejectedDueAFIS’, which meant that the biometrics of RUIXIA HUANG possibly matched that of an already existing person in the NIS database,” the NIA explained in the statement.

“The registration officer therefore sent a request to the technical support team for further investigations.

“This revealed that, based on the biometrics provided, “RUIXIA HUANG” had previously registered as EN HUANG in the FIMS record under the NIS database.

“When confronted by the registration officer with this information, she claimed to have changed her name. As per NIA’s normal registration process, EN HUANG was asked to provide an official certified affidavit and a gazette as required by law to support the change of name if the details in the passport with number EJ5891162 were to be used to update her old records.”

Huang was, then, given the option of waiting to bring in the required documents before her details could be updated or renewing her old registration with her Personal ID Number CHN-010039480-J, without any change in details.

She decided to renew with the old information and then go through the affidavit and gazette process before providing the paperwork for the update.

The NIA reported that on Thursday, August 25, she received a new card with the following information on it: Initials: EN Name: Huang, birthdate: 07-Jul-86 Personal Identification Number: CHN-010039480-J.

“It must be emphasized that possession of the Non-Citizen Ghana Card does not confer or amount to having Ghanaian citizenship.

“The NIA’s verification system functioned as designed to enable NIA prevent HUANG EN from registering under a new name and date of birth for a new Non-Citizen Ghana Card, despite her being in possession of two Chinese passports.”

It said the matter is being investigated by the security agencies.

“The NIA wishes to assure the general public that its technical system remains robust, and it will continue to jealously guard the boundaries of Ghanaian citizenship and prevent unqualified foreigners from obtaining the Ghana Card meant for Ghanaian citizens.”