Kyiv urges French supermarket Auchan to leave Russian market

French supermarket Auchan in Russia

Ukraine has said that fragments of a Russian missile fell on a mall housing French supermarket Auchan in Kyiv, amid repeated calls for the company to leave the Russian market.

Many prominent Western brands left Russia in the wake of Moscow’s invasion but Auchan stayed, spurring calls from Kyiv for a boycott.

“Fragments of destroyed Russian missile hit a mall in Kyiv, where supermarket Auchan is located,” Ukraine’s defence ministry wrote in an English-language social media post.

It criticised Auchan for remaining in Russia throughout the invasion, saying it “finances war and suffers from Russian attacks”.

“Cynicism, masochism, or stupidity? Exit Russia: this money is too bloody,” the ministry said.

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Auchan is owned by the Mulliez family. The company has said it wants to stay in the Russian market to supply the country and keep local staff employed.

French supermarket Auchan


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