Ghana Airports Company’s MD has been fired

Yaw Kwakwa sacked from GACL

The managing director of Ghana Airports Company Ltd (GACL), Yaw Kwakwa, has been fired.

“His Excellency the President of the Republic, per letter No OPS127/22/104 dated January 2022, has directed that the appointment of Mr Yaw Kwakwa as the managing director of the Ghana Airports Company Limited be terminated,” according to a letter signed by Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister of Transport.

Following a squabble with McDan Aviation over the opening of the private jet services firm and authorization to operate at Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Ghana Airports Company Ltd has been in the headlines recently.

The grounds for his dismissal, on the other hand, remain unknown.

This comes only days after the GACL ordered McDan Aviation to stop using KIA Terminal 1 until further notice.

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The dispute between GACL and McDan Aviation

The GACL ordered McDan Aviation, a newly formed company, to stop using the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) until further notice on January 1.

Yaw Kwakwa, the business’s then-Managing Director, wrote a letter on January 31 referring to a notification to the company to postpone the inauguration of the Private Jet Terminal last Friday, which was not followed.

“We notice with worry your refusal to comply with the directive, notwithstanding remaining problems about the earlier terms and conditions for the use and operations of Terminal 1 as a Private Jet Terminal,” he stated.

“As a result, management has requested that your usage of Terminal 1 be suspended until further notice.”

“The CEO of McDan Aviation has been requested to release the keys to enable Management to conduct a Joint Inventory by the end of the business day on Monday, January 31,” according to the request.

After obtaining its license to operate in 2019, the Company has accused McDan Aviation of violating the protocol. In a letter dated January 28, the McDan Group of Companies’ private jet service was set to debut at KIA Terminal 1 in Accra.

Ignoring a GACL request to cancel the ceremony, McDan Aviation went ahead and held it. The GACL leadership, on the other hand, boycotted the event. Daniel McKorley, the Managing Director of McDan Aviation, later wrote to confirm the company’s suspension of operations as directed by the Airport Company.

The GACL then gave Mac Dan permission to operate the Private Jet at the KIA’s Terminal 1.

“With regard to our earlier letter referenced GACL/MD/FHS20/1/22on the aforementioned matter, we desire to tell you that the GACL has delegated the Terminal 1 to MacDan aviation for private jet operations,” a letter signed by Mr Yaw Kwakwa.

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