Biden To Visit Poland On Friday: Russia-Ukraine crisis

Joseph Biden

According to press secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden will fly to Brussels first, then to Poland on Friday to meet with officials there.

On Sunday, Russian troops intensified their assaults on Mariupol, Ukraine’s besieged port city, dropping bombs on an art school where 400 people were reportedly taking refuge, according to officials.

Russia requested that Ukrainians in the besieged city lay down their guns in return for safe passage out of town few hours after the strike.

The offer was swiftly refused by Ukrainian leaders.

Ukraine’s port city of Mariupol continues to experience the brunt of the war’s horrors.

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Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, accused Russia of war crimes over the city’s siege on Sunday, calling the assault “a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come.”

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Zelensky stated in his midnight address to the nation that Ukraine wants peace and that continuous discussions with Russia are “necessary.”

As Russian soldiers intensify their assault on cities and trapped residents in a nearly month-old campaign on Ukraine, President Joe Biden has added a visit in Poland to his journey to Europe this week for crucial meetings with NATO and European partners.