Xi Jinping Says Ukraine Crisis In “No One’s Interest”

Xi Jinping

During a phone discussion with his US counterpart Joe Biden on Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said hostilities between nations were “in no one’s interest,” adding that Beijing and Washington should “shoulder” responsibility for world peace.

State-to-state relations cannot go to the stage of military hostilities,” broadcaster CCTV reported Xi as saying. “Peace and security are the most valued treasures of the international community.”

During the chat between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies — their fourth since Biden’s election last year — Russia’s war on Ukraine is reported to have taken center stage.

US President Biden has rallied a steadfast Western alliance against Russia, pushing a bombardment of sanctions while simultaneously offering military aid to the Ukrainian resistance.

However, China has declined to denounce its long-time friend Russia and has criticized sanctions as useless, raising worries that Beijing may opt to provide Moscow with direct financial or military assistance.

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According to CCTV, Xi stated that “the world situation has undergone fresh and important changes” since the duo’s last contact in November.

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Xi remarked, “The theme of an era of peaceful development is facing severe challenges, and the world is neither very peaceful nor secure.” Adding that, the Ukraine issue “is not something we want to see.”

He went on to say that China and the United States should “shoulder our due international responsibilities, and put forth efforts for world peace and tranquillity.”