Burkina Faso’s Ousted President Kabore Released From Arrest

ousted Burkina Faso president Kabore

According to the interim administration of Burkina Faso, former President Roch Kabore, who had been under house arrest since his overthrow in a military coup in January, has been permitted to return to his family home.

On Wednesday, the interim administration said Kabore was permitted to return to his home in the capital, Ougadougou, and that security measures would be put in place to “guarantee his safety.”

Last month, West African leaders urged the military administration to release the ex-president and set a “more acceptable” timescale for the country’s return to democracy than the present 36-month transition period agreed upon following the coup.

As of now, the administration has defied pressure from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to hand up control in fewer than three years, claiming that tackling insecurity across the nation is its top priority.


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