World Bank pleased with Ghana’s $430m COVID fight expenditure — Laporte

Pierre Frank Laporte in Ghana

The $430 million in COVID-19 support provided by the Bretton Woods institution was used by the government in a manner that the World Bank claims to be satisfactory.

According to the World Bank, the expense complied with all standards for the purchase.

In order to combat the pandemic, the World Bank gave COVID-19 support fund, which the government has been accused of mismanaging.

Pierre Frank Laporte, the World Bank country director for Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Liberia said on TV3 that “we know each and every dollar that is spent and accounted for.”

“We have done audits. There are always a few things here and there and some documentation that needs to be followed, but largely, speaking, we are very satisfied that our resources were spent in line with the procurement requirements that existed.” “All the funds for COVID were not spent. There were immediate things to be spent on, but there was also construction and procurement of equipment. We don’t feel that our resources have not been properly spent,” Mr. Laporte explained.

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The World Bank’s funding was used for a variety of purposes, including communication campaigns, a drive to increase public awareness, lab equipment, and the setup of new patient-receiving facilities, among others.

A further $130 million was provided by the World Bank for the acquisition of vaccines.