Villagers In Bawku Won’t Talk To Police On New Gunshots

Gun on desk

On Tuesday morning, there were still intermittent gunshots reported in Bawku, Upper East Region, but police said villagers are refusing to provide them information about where the gunshots were heard.

According to police, gunfire were heard between 4 and 5 a.m. on Tuesday in regions such as “behind the Bawku Zongo, behind the Bawku Stadium and an area called Sadogo.

“The people have tight lips. They don’t want to talk if you ask them where they heard the gun shots. They are not prepared to give us information,” he stated.

On Monday, March 14, an 81-year-old Fulani man named Mohammed Aborli was killed in Bawku after intermittent gunfire.

According to police, it is unknown what prompted the shooting. This prompted a police-military response, with 18 people apprehended on Monday.

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“There has been a ban on motor riding in Bawku and we heard that 81-year-old Fulani was riding a motorbike at the time of the shooting,” Supt. Akabati told Sunrise anchor Alfred Ocansey.