University of Freiburg: Germany Scholarship

Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship)

The University of Freiburg will award the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship), a national scholarship program, which provides 300 euros per month in funding for students who are expected to produce outstanding achievements in their studies and career.

Category: Bachelor, Master

Amount/value: 300 euros per month

Application deadline: 31 March, 2023


  • International students are also eligible to apply for a Deutschlandstipendium at the University of Freiburg.
  • Make sure to submit all of your application documents and certificates in English or German.
  • If you have documents in another language, please enclose a copy of the original along with a non-certified English or German translation.
  • It makes no difference who does the translation.
  • Both German and international students are eligible for funding, as long as they are matriculated as degree-seeking students in an undergraduate program or master’s program at the University of Freiburg or have applied for admission to such a program but are not yet matriculated, but will be matriculated for the following summer semester.


As a scholarship holder, you don’t just receive financial support; you also enjoy the advantages of a network of companies and organizations that can be helpful for your future career.

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The selection criteria for the Deutschlandstipendium can be divided up into two areas:

  • Academic achievement at the secondary or tertiary level
  • Other selection criteria, including community service, success in overcoming unfavorable life circumstances, and previous vocational training or work experience The prerequisites for applying differ depending on your field of study: You need to include the following supporting documents with your online application as PDF documents in English or German:
  • University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate) for applicants in undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor, Staatsexamen, Magister).
  • For Master’s students, the certificate of the first university degree. In this case, it is not necessary to upload the university entrance qualification (Abiturzeugnis).
  • For applicants who are studying for a second degree, the transcript of the most recent university degree (Bachelor, Master, Staatsexamen). In this case, it is not necessary to upload the university entrance qualification Abitur certificate.
  • Curriculum vitae of all applicants

Proof of academic achievement

  • A current transcript of records for enrolled students.
  • In degree programmes in which an average grade cannot be calculated at any time during the degree programme, proof of the average grade/final grade of the most recent examination (university entrance qualification, physicum/intermediate examination, final grade of the most recently acquired degree).
  • Applicants to the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy: for students who are already enrolled, proof that they belong to the top 10% of the class by means of a corresponding certificate from the Examinations Office.