UK’s Boris Johnson: Ukraine Will Not Join NATO

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has voiced out that Ukraine will not join NATO “anytime soon,” following the country’s president’s admission that he has realized it’s not possible for Ukraine to join the Western military alliance, NATO.

Ukraine’s NATO aspirations have long been portrayed by President Vladimir Putin as a danger to Russia, which the Western Alliance disputes.

President Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine) stated on Tuesday that the country understood it could not join NATO, his most clear admission that the aim, contained in the country’s constitution, was unlikely to be fulfilled.


This somehow comes as Russia and Ukraine launched a new round of negotiations, with Zelensky suggesting Wednesday that Russian demands were becoming “more realistic.”

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UK’s Boris Johnson, one of the most ardent Western backers of Ukraine, stated on Wednesday that “there is no way Ukraine is going to join Nato any time soon.”

However, he stated that the choice had to be made by Ukraine.